The 2-day photography workshop in Manhatten Beach, California (back in early March, before the pandemic) was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! First of all, I got to meet and hang out with these awesome, fun and talented women:

And second, we got to meet and photograph 4 beautiful new babies and one darn cute sitter. Third, we got lots of great practice with lighting, posing, finding the right angle, composition, exposure, white balance, posing flow and so much more! Meet all of the models we had the pleasure of working with:

Addison – 12 days new

Camila – 8 days new

Hudson – 12 days new

Penny – 7 months old


Isaac – 11 days new

Caralee Case Photography’s studio is located in Idaho Falls, ID.   I specialize in photographing newborns, babies, toddlers, 1 year cake smashes, children and families.  Please contact me to schedule your session today! I have also been teaching newborn photography workshops for 8 years all over the USA and in many other countries. All WORKSHOP, MENTORING & CONFERENCE opportunities can be found here. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I am more than happy to help!

  1. Rachel: Your workshops look like so much fun! I was really looking forward to meeting you at the end of the month in Atlanta! Darn Covid! It looks like you girls had some wonderful babies to work with. They are all just adorable and like always your setups are amazing <3 (04/15/20, 8:25 am)

  2. Caralee Case: Thank you Rachel, you are too sweet. I look forward to meeting you someday! Hopefully sooner than later. (04/15/20, 8:41 am)

  3. Connie Perkins: These ladies look like they had a blast! And those babies!!!! Oh my goodness I just want to love on them! Beautiful work my friend!!! (04/15/20, 9:00 am)

  4. Caralee Case: Thank you Connie! This group of students was AWESOME and our models were pretty awesome too. Not easy, they gave me a run for my money, but eventually we got through all the poses and creative wrapping and it was a great 2 days. (04/15/20, 9:10 am)

  5. Brenda: Caralee your work is truly flawless - I can't wait until the workshop you are teaching in my studio in October!!! (04/15/20, 10:07 am)

  6. Caralee Case: Thank you Brenda! (04/15/20, 10:23 am)

  7. Courtney: How fun! One of these days, I'd love to make it to a workshop of yours. (04/22/20, 10:47 am)

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