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Today I’m testing my newsletter software!  I’m working on getting my pictures BACK into my newsletter.  The newsletter has been sending out my blog posts, but with text only.  For a photographer, that’s NO good! I have got to find a fix for it!  Above is a picture from Carter’s newborn session……

And now…. I want to introduce you to one of my NEW template designs {Carter}!  This template in particular has SO many details, shapes, patterns, and more that you can customize.  And get this…..I created the pages with the blue and brown plaid COMPLETELY customizable!!!!!!!!  Even down to the tiny little lines on the plaid design.  You can change ANYTHING about the plaid, and make it any combination of colors that fits your photos. You do NOT want to know how long that took me, but it was worth the work!!!!!!

I zoomed in on some of the pages inside the book to you can see the detail, especially in the plaid design:

Thank you so much for helping me test my newsletter software, and for reading about my newest template. Even if my newsletter test doesn’t work.  As a thank you please enjoy 40% off any purchase in the template shop!!!! The discount code is valid now until Sunday 5/10/20  at midnight.          CODE: HELPFOR40        P.S. I have NEVER offered 40% off in my template shop!!!!  EVER!!!  Take advantage and get all your favorites!!!  Sending my love, color, happiness, kindness, and support to each and every one of you.  Thank you again ~ Caralee Case

  1. Tracy Lynn: LOVE this design...it’s precious and so smart with all the flexibility it offers!! And what a handsome lil sweet pea!! (05/06/20, 8:08 am)

  2. Caralee Case: Thank you Tracy!!!! (05/06/20, 9:24 am)

  3. Brenda: WOW Caralee - you are so detail oriented and these templates are perfect for a baby boy! (05/06/20, 1:23 pm)

  4. Caralee Case: Thank you Brenda, I DO love all the little details and colors. They are a fun, happy product for my clients, and they are affordable too!!!!!! (05/06/20, 1:54 pm)

  5. Connie Perkins: Wow! I love the design! I have a couple of yours so I might have to snag this one up! (05/13/20, 10:18 am)

  6. Caralee Case: Thanks Connie! I added 7 new mini accordion designs to the shop!!!! It's been nice to have a few extra minutes to update the template shop options. (05/13/20, 10:46 am)

  7. Katie Anton: I always admire your templates. They just radiate your personality, fun, bright and full of color! You have amazing PS talent! (05/13/20, 2:13 pm)

  8. Chandra: I’ve purchase a folded card template from you in the past and it’s beautiful. My clients loved it get much. This one is awesome too I need to add it to my collection. (06/10/20, 12:19 pm)

  9. Caralee Case: Thanks Chandra. Hit me up for a discount code if you need to add to your collection! (06/10/20, 1:04 pm)

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