Monday, May 11, 2020

Hi friends!  I’ve been designing some *NEW mini album templates and I’m so excited to share them with you!  In my head I envisioned paint strokes, with imperfect edges, no photo mats, no straight lines, just raw brush strokes paired with stars and star trails in my first 2 album designs.

First, here is the *NEW* {Kiara} mini album.  This album is SO CUTE and has some sparkle to it!  You KNOW I love anything that sparkles!  In the photo above you can see how I chose gold glitter for all the stars and star trails.  But guess what?????  You don’t have to use the glitter!!!  As you can see in the example below you can choose ANY color you’d like for the stars and star trails, and even mix glitter with solid colors.  The possibilities are endless!

Another one of the *NEW* mini album designs {Blaine} also features photo clipping masks that are like brush strokes.  And for the boys…a bit fewer stars and star trails in the background.  You can customize the background colors, the star colors, and the star trail colors to compliment YOUR images!  When I look at this album all I can think about is sweet dreams!

This is {Ella}, filled with soft colors and delicate patterns (ALL customizable of course), and lots of room to show off those beautiful babies! The design you see below has 13 images, but if you add one more to the back cover you can fit 14 or more photos into this design!!!  You can also insert text that is specific to your client; a family saying, birth information, a quote they love, anything at all.  Make it special and unique for your client! 

The {Cache} template is bold and beautiful, with masculine colors and shapes.  I have this little album printed as part of my studio product samples, and it is an eye-catcher!!!! And so is {Blaine}! One template is a little softer and dreamier, and this one is bold with geometric patterns and crisp white photo mats.

And last but not least, the {Abigail} mini accordion template.  This album is full of fun photo layers in various whimsical shapes, that make this album elegant, maybe even regal.  Just right for YOUR client’s newborn princess.  You know what’s coming…..as always, the colors, shapes, patterns, and more are ALL customizable!  It is so easy, just double click on a color layer you want to change, and your sampling/eyedropper tool will pop up.  You can just pick a color you like from the graph, OR you can use the eyedropper tool, click on one of your images and that will give you the exact same color as your photo, to use as a background color, or a text color.  It’s magic!  Thanks for taking the time to view some of my new products.  I hope you enjoy them.  And for anyone who made it to the end of my long winded store update blog post, please enjoy 30% off your order using code:  mayflowers    Code expires Sunday, May 17th at midnight.

Sending you all my love, joy, support AND color happiness! ~ Caralee Case

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