Day 3 ~ Roatan, Honduras

Monday, March 22, 2010

The first port of call on our 2010 family vacation was Roatan, Honduras. We were so excited to get off the ship and see the culture of Central America. Kurt and Lynlee, just off the boat:

Lots of locals were ready to welcome us to their city, and pose for pictures, for a tip of course. Here is Miranda and Lynlee with the locals:
Mindi, just off the ship in Roatan:
Thomas and Becken just chillin‘, as we wait for the family to get off the “big boat”:
A fun view of the mainland as we got off the ship:
Our little family:
My two handsome boys, ready to tour the island and play at the beach:
My dad with his handsome man purse, I mean, swim bag:
We hired a local to take us on a tour of the city and to the beach. One of our first stops was a small shopping center. Here are Kurt and Lynlee at the shopping center:
Our next tour stop was at the peak of the island. We had a great view of the island and the port where our ship was docked. All of us at the top of Roatan (minus me of course, someone has to take the pics):
The Norwegian Jewel:
Our third stop was a roadside shopping area. Lots of locals were out selling handmade items, sea shells, clothing, etc. This is where we met Carlita. She let us hold and take pictures of her pet iguana for $1.00. Notice the small leash around the iguana’s waist:
Becken wanted to take Carlita’s iguana home, he loved it so much! He let Carlita put the iguana on his hand, chest, shoulder and head. He still talks about Carlita’s iguana almost everyday, and he loves looking at these pictures of himself. I love his sweet, candid smile:
My sister Miranda and the iguana:
The next stop on our Island tour was the beach. It was perfect! My kids had never been in the ocean before. Here is Becken taking his very first (cautious) steps into the ocean:
Baylee’s first feel of ocean water on her feet. She thinks it’s pretty fun:
We had fun swimming, body surfing, playing in sand, laying out, and some of us even got ocean side massages from the locals. We love the beach!
Baylee’s expression kills me! She must have thought that little wave behind her was going to take her out. Run for your life!
My brother-in-law, Travis, starting to build a mean sandcastle.
Becken, all set to swim the ocean:
My sweet family. I sure love you guys!
And our final stop was at a local resort/restaurant on the beach front. We were treated to some real fresh fish, and calzones (for the less adventurous eaters like me). Kurt and Lynlee having fun posing for the camera while we wait for lunch:
Roatan Rocks! I love looking back at these memories we made in Honduras. Next time we go, we have to zip line through the jungle. Our tour guide, Kirby, says he will give us a deal!
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