Do you remember these sweet tiny twins?  I will never forget them, and how good they did at their newborn portrait session.

All of the sudden one year flew by and now it’s time to celebrate Emmaline and Elizabeth’s birthday!!!!!   Yay!!!  Both girls were so sweet, and so fast.  Ha Ha Ha!  These girls could escape anything I put them in, and they weren’t scared at all.  Myself, grandma and mom were very careful to stay close to each baby to make sure they were safe!  We also did lots of chasing around!  Typical with a one year portrait session. 

I thought this was so cute, how they both stood up in the chair, used the same hand to balance, looked in the same direction.  The images were shot several minutes apart but both Emmaline and Elizabeth did the exact same thing when we sat them in the chair.  They are ready to RUN!!!!

The twins enjoyed their cake smash!  From trying to eat confetti, eating their cakes, throwing their cakes around, crawling off the set, and finally to a bath to get all cleaned up.  Oh what messy fun we had!

Yep!  They smashed those cakes until they were UN-recognizable!!!!  Happy birthday E & E!!!!!!!!

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