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Miss Nelly was born on the 4th of July just after 6:30 in the morning, weighing in at 6 pounds and 6 ounces!  To celebrate her very special birthday we just had to do some Independence Day inspired photos.  She looks so cute in red, white and blue!!!!!!!!

This beautiful girl did so great during her newborn portrait session at my photography studio in Idaho Falls, ID!  She was content and sleepy and even gave me a smile!!!  Enjoy a look at Nelly:

Nelly’s mom mentioned that her nursery is a pink and green cactus theme and when I saw the picture I knew exactly what I wanted to do to create a fun and unique art piece for the wall!!!!!  Give me ALL the succulents, cactus and pink blossoms!!!!!  Isn’t Nelly just a doll?!?!?  I had so much fun creating this set up that I turned it into a digital backdrop so my friends and fellow photographers can use it too!!!!!!!!  You can find it here.  Thanks for stopping by my blog, I have the best job ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caralee Case Photography’s studio is located in Idaho Falls, ID.   I specialize in photographing newborns, babies, toddlers, 1 year cake smashes, children and families.  Please contact me to schedule your session today (scheduling January – March 2023 session dates)!  I have also been teaching newborn photography workshops since 2012 all over the USA and in many other countries. All WORKSHOP, MENTORING & CONFERENCE opportunities can be found here. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I am more than happy to help!  My new line of backdrops and digital backdrops can be found at Intuition Backgrounds, my template designs for photographers are on my website, and check out my YouTube Channel for tips, tricks and tutorials!!!!!!!

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You can view the video of this sweet girl during her session and before this image was taken.  And here is the final image!

Safety first!!! Chair was weighted at the base and spotter was next to baby at all times.

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Hello photography friends!!!!!!!  I’ve had lots of inquiries about small group newborn workshops and other educational opportunities I’m offering THIS YEAR, especially since I had to cancel 7 workshop dates and locations in 2020 due to Covid.   I’m overjoyed to announce that I will be offering 2 workshops this year!!!!!!  In June 2021 I’ll be in Georgetown Kentucky, and then in August I’ll be in Missouri at the Intuition Backgrounds by Becky Gregory studio!!!!!  Information on both workshops and what is included can be found here.  I hope to see some new AND some familiar faces this year.  Contact me with questions or to arrange a payment plan, I am more than happy to help!

Curious what others have to say?  You can view student reviews and testimonials on my website:!/Workshops


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Have you ever tried using a digital background?  I love that they can be so quick and easy as seen in this video tutorial.  In this case, I’ve designed the images with my props, flowers, greenery, layers, bowls, furs, etc, and photographed it with my big beefy camera.  All YOU have to do is insert your own newborn photo! (Examples below)  Today the NEW Holiday Digital Backgrounds are available!!!!!!!!  I love traditional Christmas colors like red and green, but I also like to use different, fun and unique color combinations to add variety to the holiday season portrait options.

New to digital backgrounds?  Here is a quick VIDEO TUTORIAL and some visual samples of how digital backgrounds work:

This design below is SO MUCH FUN!!!!  I added Christmas decorations to 2 different versions of this background, and then took it all away to create a simpler year-round option:

Here are some other samples of the NEW Holiday Designs in use:

Happy creating!!!!

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Hi friends!  Life is crazy, our family just got over covid, and work is keeping me busy busy busy!  At the same time, I am excited to show you 2 new products that are now available!!!!

First, I have a BACKDROP COLLECTION with my own designs over at Intuition (  There are only a few backdrops right now, but all my older ones will be added soon, and I have some new ones on the way as well!!!!!!

I did a blog post on release day showing the polka dot backdrops in use here:  Since the original release of these new backdrops I have added RED and GREY to the collection!!!!!  I know that I WILL DEFINITELY be using the red and gray for some of my December newborn sessions!!!!!


Second, I have a new line of DIGITAL BACKDROPS!!!!  I’ve done all the work creating the images with colors, layers and details I love, and all you have to do…is place your baby in!  Here are a few examples:

Here is a little look at some of the other digital backgrounds in my collection.  Check the website for all my designs! AND it’s BOGO through Black Friday using code:  BOGOBF

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I am so grateful that Intuition Backgrounds invited me to create a collection of backdrops.  I knew immediately that I wanted polka dot backdrops in my most used and requested colors!!!!  And here they are…..introducing Perfectly Polka Dots:

These backdrops are SO MUCH FUN!!!! I have been searching for the perfect shade of pink, something that reminds me of fresh raspberries, and it’s finally here!!!!  It photographs beautifully!

I love a tack sharp image with a dreamy, soft, blurry backdrop.  Compared to the rest of the backdrops in my studio, I made this one a little more green and the color is simply divine!!!!!!! 

This soft purple is a wonderful lavender color:

The denim dots are a MUST HAVE for every studio!  Of course this beautiful blue is perfect for boys, but it is just as perfect for GIRLS!!!!!  This is my most used and requested backdrop!

This backdrop is a soft bubblegum pink color. It’s not too warm and not too cool, just a pretty and precious shade of baby pink.

Another one of my most requested backdrops is Young Love.  I’ve always thought is was the perfect shade of yellow.

The new yellow polka backdrop is a bit softer and more gender friendly (no hearts!), but still a beautiful shade of yellow!!!!  Add a little saturation in post processing if you like to make the yellow polka dots as bright as you’d like!!!!  This backdrop adds sunshine to any set, and works for all genders!!!!!! Looking for the perfect purple?  Well here it is!   Purple meets a touch of pink in this backdrop to create a beautiful shade of lavender.

And here are some more samples of the gorgeous, gender friendly polka dot, Caribbean.


Thank you to Intuition for allowing me to create these backdrops, in colors that will get LOTS of use in my studio!  I hope you love them as much as I do!!!!!!!!


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The 2-day photography workshop in Manhatten Beach, California (back in early March, before the pandemic) was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! First of all, I got to meet and hang out with these awesome, fun and talented women: And second, we got to meet and photograph 4 beautiful new babies and one darn cute sitter. Third, we got lots of great practice with lighting, posing, finding the right angle, composition, exposure, white balance, posing flow and so much more! Meet all of the models we had the pleasure of working with:

Addison – 12 days new

Camila – 8 days new

Hudson – 12 days new

Penny – 7 months old

Isaac – 11 days new

  Caralee Case Photography’s studio is located in Idaho Falls, ID.   I specialize in photographing newborns, babies, toddlers, 1 year cake smashes, children and families.  Please contact me to schedule your session today! I have also been teaching newborn photography workshops for 8 years all over the USA and in many other countries. All WORKSHOP, MENTORING & CONFERENCE opportunities can be found here. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I am more than happy to help!  

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Happy New Year!!! Learn with me in 2020!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

I LOVE teaching and meeting photographers all across the world, and am honored to be chosen as a mentor every.single.time!!!!!!!! I truly care about every student’s growth and success, and am committed to continued learning ever AFTER my 2-day newborn workshops. There is nothing better than seeing an ‘ah-ha moment’ face, or hearing, ‘that trick was worth everything’ during a workshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be offering small group, 2-day workshops in CA, OH, VA, NY, WI and TX this year. I will also be presenting at Baby & Kid USA April 24th-26th in Atlanta, GA, teaching at Newborn and Beyond in Pigeon Forge, TN on August 19th -24th, and attending few fun international events as well!

Join me in 2020 for 2 full days of learning, inspiration and FUN!!!!

Payment plans are available and ALL workshop information is available here:

Please contact me with any questions you have, I am happy to help!


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